Botkin on Nature, the Environment, and Global Warming: Insights from Daniel Botkin

Posted on Wed 08 December 2021 in The Good Fight

On the November 26, 2007, edition of the EconTalk podcast, Daniel Botkin shared some fascinating insights about nature and its relationship with change.


Botkin highlighted a crucial aspect: most species have evolved and adapted to change over time. They rely on change for their survival and well-being. The assumption of a steady state, where everything remains constant, goes against the very needs of these species.


His observation extends beyond climate change. For instance, in certain forests, the vegetation has evolved to withstand and even thrive after wildfires. When we interfere by preventing natural fires from playing their role in the wilderness, we unwittingly disrupt the balance of nature. Botkin's point is that our perception of what nature should be often influences our actions towards it, sometimes with detrimental consequences.


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