The Peril of Concentrated Power: A Cautionary Note

Posted on Thu 23 March 2023 in The Good Fight

The timeless wisdom of Milton Friedman reminds us that concentrating power, regardless of the benevolence of its creators, does not render it harmless. All too often, we tend to overlook the inherent ambition of those in positions of authority. While someone may wield power with good intentions today, we mustn't forget that the reins of power, once granted, have the potential to enable countless others to unleash considerable harm in the days that follow.


Unpacking the Notion: Friedman's astute observation underscores the fact that power, regardless of its origin, carries inherent risks. Even when harnessed for seemingly noble purposes, it remains a double-edged sword, capable of being wielded for both good and ill.


A Timeless Admonition: In an era when the consequences of centralized authority are ever more apparent, Friedman's warning serves as a timely reminder. It calls upon us to exercise vigilance and prudence when considering the concentration of power, recognizing that the very authority we grant today may someday be turned against us.


In Conclusion:


Milton Friedman's sage counsel cautions us against the complacency that can arise from good intentions. It prompts us to remain watchful and discerning in matters of governance, ensuring that the power we bestow is wielded judiciously and with a keen awareness of its potential consequences.