Navigating WordPress: Mastering Sort Order for Streamlined Page Navigation

Posted on Tue 29 August 2023 in WordPress • Tagged with WordPress

.Greetings, I'm Charles K. Clarkson, a multifaceted individual deeply immersed in the world of web programming, real estate investment, and championing the principles of a free market. While my interests span a wide spectrum, including reading, music, culinary delights, and the art of rejuvenating older homes into energy-efficient havens, today, I'd like to steer our course toward an essential aspect of WordPress: page navigation and the power of sort order.


Clarkson Energy Homes: Several years ago, I set out on a mission with Clarkson Energy Homes. Initially, the goal was to breathe new life into aging homes by transforming them into eco-friendly abodes. This mission was born from my frustration with the scarcity of energy-efficient homes that weren't fresh off the construction line. However, as life often takes unexpected turns, I ventured into other investment avenues.


Sun Valley MHC: My journey eventually led me to acquire Sun Valley Mobile Home Community. While such smaller-scale investments may not be on the radar of most real estate tycoons, they hold a special place in my heart and portfolio.


Sustainability Initiatives: While my initial dream of creating green homes may have been temporarily shelved, my passion for sustainability remains undiminished. There are exciting opportunities, such as tax incentives for incorporating wind or solar energy systems into properties, that could align with my green vision.


Webmaster and Contributor: Beyond real estate, I proudly don the hat of a webmaster for platforms like DFWREIN (Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Network), TREIN (Texas Real Estate Investor Network), and Dynamic Environmental Services—a directory dedicated to sanitarians and water resources. More recently, I've embarked on a journey of contribution to the WordPress Codex, where I aim to impart my knowledge in the realm of PHP and web development.


Web Programming Services: If you find yourself in …

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